Friday, September 19, 2008

New EOPD sensor from Hitechnic

Well the EOPD sensor has finnaly arrived and boy are we all happy. I just recently put up a post on Nxtasy asking if anyone has an EOPD(elictric optical proximity detector) and everyone said they were only out for a short period of time. Well that was 2 months ago. Now it is out. This EOPD sensor can work wonders. It looks similar to a normal light sensor but what it is a highly accurate sensor that can measure distances of up to 12 in. So now when you want to build a segway easy withought the complex programming of a gyroscopic sensor you can becasue the only other way was the US sensor and that was too slow, but with this sensor you don't have to worry about that becasue this is very accurate and fast.

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